Awareness Training

1. A training campaign consists of three main actions. Initially, an e-mail is sent to the recipients. When the users click on the link within the e-mail, they are redirected to a page for the training. Finally, their actions are tracked to measure the performance of the training. To initiate a campaign, navigate to the "Awarness Training -> Campaigns" and click the "+Campaign" button to start.
2. In the initial step, the basic parameters of the campaign are defined. Name, sender name, and sender e-mail are the main settings. The sender name is configurable. The sender e-mail is the address from which the e-mails will be sent.
3. After clicking the next option, a course is chosen. The language of the course is automatically set and is configurable when the user accesses the training page. Shared courses are the courses, which are built-in within the system. From the courses menu on the Awareness Training page, customized courses can be prepared. These courses are selected from the personalized courses section.
4. Finally, the recipients are defined. Existing users and groups can be selected. By clicking the “+” button, adding new users, groups, or importing a user list is supported.
5. Once all parameters are defined, click the "Save" button in the last section to initiate the campaign based on the specified settings.
6. For creating a new course, two options are provided. From the Awareness Training -> Courses section, "+Course" is chosen to create new content. Alternatively, a course can be cloned by clicking the “…” button to the right of each course. The “…” enables previewing, initiating, and displaying the results of the campaign.