Organization Settings

1.The system uses a built-in e-mail server for sending e-mails. You can define your mail server for sending e-mails to your users. To specify your mail server information go to Mail Server Settings under Settings &Reporting-> Organisation Settings.
2.The system sends e-mail only to verified domains. Registered e-mail domain automatically added organization domain list. To define an additional domain, go to Settings&Reporting-->Organisation Domain and click the "+Domain" button. Send an e-mail to one of the recipients in the designated domain and verify your domain by clicking the mail link.
3. The system sends an e-mail to users for training and phishing simulation purposes. You can define recipients of your training or phishing simulation e-mails from Settings&Reporting -->Users&Group menu. By clicking the green "+" button, you can access different user definition options.
4. The content of built-in system e-mails can be editable to enable an organization to customize the solution completely. Customizing the built-in systems e-mails is performed through Settings&Reporting -> System E-mail Editor.
5. You can define an additional user for accessing the portal to manage your organization. To define a user, go to the organizations' page from the user setting on the top left corner and select the "Invite" to specify the user's roles and e-mail address.
6. You can manage the main dashboard, appearance, and language of the portal. Please go to user settings on the top left corner and select "Site Settings" to customize GUI and dashboards.