Platform Overview

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    The platform consists of two primary security functions. The first function is end-point security for on-premise and remote users. Lightweight agents are provided to end-users through a single-click or central deployment. The second function is protection from phishing e-mails. The platform uses a Microsoft Outlook Add-in for e-mail security to automatically identify and notify the end-user for phishing e-mails bypassing the existing security controls.
2. The platform provides a simple wizard for summarizing the main features of the platform. The wizard can be accessed anytime by clicking the wand icon on the top right section of the user interface.
3. The modules of the platform are accessible from the left menu.
a. DNS Security enables secure Internet browsing and protection from threats like ransomware, zero-day attacks, and data exfiltration attempts by acting as a DNS server for the organization. Click for more details.
b. Network Security provides agent management, threat activity overview, and network security. Click for more details.
c. E-mail Security classifies and detects suspicious e-mails to protect users from e-mail phishing attacks. The users can analyze and report risky e-mails arriving in their inbox. Click for more details.
d. Phishing Simulation enables the testing of end-user awareness for phishing attacks. Click for more details.
e. Awareness Training is a training platform for an organization to train its employees for increased awareness. Click for more details.
f. Policy Management provides centralized actions and notifications based on the events taking place within the platform. Click for more details.
g. Settings&Reporting section is used for configuring the system level parameters. Click for more details.