Awareness Training Editor

1. AwarenessTraining editor enables the creation of custom training courses. To create a custom training course, navigate to Awerness Training --> Courses --> Personalised Courses.
2. Click the “+Course” icon on the top-left corner. The new course definition window appears. Enter the course name under the “Title” section and describe it briefly in the “Description” field. Click the “Save” button to create the course.
3. Each course should contain at least one lesson. To add a lesson to your course, click “Personalized Courses” and find your recently created course. Select the lesson language and Click the “+Lesson” button to add a new lesson to the course.
4. Select the lesson type and click on it. Lessons can be a type of:
I. Text: HTML based static content.
II. Video: Mp4 formatted video content.
III. Quiz: Question-based lesson to measure your user’s knowledge level.
5. On the lesson definition page,
I. Give a name to the lesson under the “Title” box.
II. For the content, there are two options:
a. Clone the content from another existing lesson using the “clone content from another lesson” drop-down menu.
b. Create new content using the content editor menu.
6. After creating the content, select which lesson should be completed before starting this lesson using the “Prerequisite Type” drop-down list.
Figure 5. Lesson Pre-Requiste Definition
7. Set the order of the new lesson in the course by choosing the previous lesson from the “Order” drop-down list. All lessons available under the current course are automatically added to the list.
8. Click the “Save” button to create the lesson under the course. If you want to add a new lesson to your course, please start from Step 3.
9. Once the lesson definition(s) are finished, your custom course is ready to send to the users using the “Campaigns”.