Today's threats are evolving at an exponential rate with new methods for infection, infiltration, and evasion. These new techniques are continually overcoming traditional cyber defenses. Famous attacks such as WannaCry and Not-Petya evaded signature-based security solutions.
Parallel to increasing threats, remote working is on the rise. Attackers are now trying to exploit end-users more than ever. Phishing attacks increased 667 percent after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.
Organizations faced with more advanced threats are also tackling new challenges when protecting their users and assets. Users are becoming more mobile. On-premise applications are migrating to cloud platforms. The platform is designed to provide a simple, scalable, and MSSP friendly platform to address these challenges.
The Platform provides multi-tenant SaaS to provide 360° Security for End-Users. The system allows organizations and MSSP's to deploy the solution on their premise or any Cloud platform in minutes. Deployment on Kubernetes based platforms including Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are supported. The system currently offers three modules.

DNS Security

DNS security provides a secure DNS Service for secure Internet access based on global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real-time. DNS Security has indexed 99.9% of the Internet, which includes more than 1.7 billion web sites and 350 million top-level domains growing daily. With this intelligence, DNS Security protects global businesses and users. The system provides a top-class approach to identify and block data exfiltration attacks utilizing DNS Tunnelling.

E-mail Security

E-mail Security component is a GDPR compliant e-mail phishing detection and inbox security solution. The platform provides unmatched visibility for malicious e-mails reaching the end-users. Once an e-mail is identified as malicious, the system can delete the e-mail from all user mailboxes. Phishing simulation and user awareness training are also provided as built-in modules to enable organizations to prepare better for phishing attacks.
CloudCyte enables organizations of any size to protect their end-users from malicious traffic and phishing e-mails through a single integrated platform with an unprecedented level of simplicity, scalability, and threat discovery.

Network Security

Network Security is a Zero-Trust framework for the on-premise and remote users to enable controlled access to corporate resources. Networ Security module tracks the activity of devices and can enforce two-factor authentication to identify the identity of users as they access the network. The system offers multiple methods to enable automated blocking of devices.
Networ Security enables the notification of end-users if malicious activity is detected in their devices. Optionally, VPN access can be blocked through a redirection of users to the Portal if non-compliance is detected.
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